McKenna's Koch Bros Tainted Contributions

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Yesterday, Seattle news website ** exposed that Rob McKenna has
accepted maxed out contributions from donors who are part of the Koch
brothers' “million dollar club” -- a group comprised of ultra-wealthy
corporate backers who fund the Koch brothers controversial schemes.

This is further evidence that Rob McKenna is not who he says.  In front of
mainstream audiences, McKenna pretends to distance himself from the
positions corporate financiers like the Koch Brothers, who were at the helm
of the Tea Party movement and have been bankrolling efforts to take away the
rights of working families.  Yet, he has no qualms about allowing the Koch
brothers’ inner circle to finance his campaign.

Jolt: Koch Brothers Connection to McKenna; Kucinich to Stay in

JOLT <>   September
13, 2011 at 3:59 pm Afternoon Jolt<>

*Today’s Loser: Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.*

Attorney General Rob McKenna is trying to position himself as a moderate
Republican in his run for governor. Well, this doesn’t help his case.

McKenna’s most recent campaign finance reports show August 22 maxed out
donations from Richard Gilliam, the founder and manager of Cumberland
Development, a coal mining company in Keswick, Virginia and his wife Leslie.

D.C. news publication Politico recently
reported<> that
Gilliam is one of the infamous Koch brothers’ $1 million donors. The Koch
brothers thanked<>
for being a member of their $1 million Donor Club at their June retreat in
Vail. (As we reported last
the Tea Party-friendly<>
Brothers have played<>
Washington State before.)

Services Group of America also donated $1,600 to McKenna in August. Their
principals were listed as members of Koch’s $1 million Donor Club also.

Gilliam has a long history of donating to conservative candidates and gave
over $356,000 in 2010
. <>

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